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Ordinances – Cumming Utilities Ordinance

Service Area Map – Where Does the City Provide Water and Sewer Service?

Water and Sewer Specifications

Training Classes

Stream Cleanup Events

Rates and Fees

Garbage Services

Job Openings and Career Opportunities

Drinking Water Treatment

Water Lines

Sewer Lines

Source Water Protection

Sanitary Sewer Treatment

Stormwater MS4 Program


Billing and Service Connections:

Pay My Bill

Establish Water and Water Service – Residential or Commercial

Garbage Pickup Schedule

Terminate Service

Purchase a Water Meter

Purchase a Sewer Connection

Purchase Sewer Capacity for a Development


Water Conservation:

Drought: Status of Drought and Watering Restrictions

Toilet Replacement and Rebate Program

Water Saver Kits – showers Head, kitchen faucet diffuser, commode flap

Water Conservation Tips for Your Home

Water Conservation Tips for Your Business

Water Conservation Tips for Your Industrial Site

Water Conservation Tips for Your Restaurant

Rain Gardens

Take the Water Conservation Test for You and Your Home

Residential Do-It-Yourself Water Audit Form


Water Pollution Prevention:

Pollution Prevention Tips for Your Home or Business

Pollution Prevention Tips for Construction Sites

Pollution Prevention Tips for Automotive Sites

Pollution Prevention Tips for Your Restaurant

Join An Adopt-A-Stream Group to Clean Up a Local Stream


Litter Prevention

Cleanup Program via Georgia Adopt-A-Stream

Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control


Construction and Development Standards and Specs:

Water System Construction Standards

Sewer System Construction Standards

Wastewater Pumping Station Standards

Service Area Map

Map of City Water and Sewer Lines

Water Master Plan

Sewer Master Plan

Call Before You Dig – Georgia 811 –

Checklists For Developers and Builders

Engineering – Cumming Utilities’ Contract Engineering Firm

Specifications and Standard Drawings  – Download Here


Drinking Water:

Boil Water Advisories

Source Water Protection Plan (SWAP)

Lab – City of Cumming Water Production Division Lab

How to chlorinate a well with Chlorine Bleach

Cumming Drinking Water Treatment Process

What’s In My Water? See Cumming Utilities’ Annual Water Quality Report

Raw Water Withdrawal From Lake Lanier

Back Flow Prevention – Cross Connection Control


Sanitary Sewer:

Wastewater Treatment: Bethelview Road 8 MGD Advanced Water Reclamation Facility (AWRF)

Wastewater Treatment: Habersham 0.11 MGD Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP)

Industrial Pretreatment Program

Grease Trap Program

Septic Systems

Wastewater Pumping Stations

Private Wastewater Treatment Plants