Cross Connection Control Letter – Commercial

Private Industry & Commercial Water Customers

RE:   Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control Program

Dear Customer:

Cumming Utilities is required to take reasonable precautions to protect the public water supply from possible hazards that may degrade the water in the community distribution system. If a customer has a cross-connection in his/her plumbing, there exists the possibility that contaminated or polluted water could enter the water distribution system through back-pressure or   “back- siphonage.”

We are undertaking a program of on-site inspections of all businesses which handle or use hazardous, toxic or non-toxic substances. These businesses include hospitals, doctors and dentists offices, car washes, pest control companies, photo labs, commercial cleaners, funeral homes, veterinary clinics, beauty salons, industries and many more not mentioned in this letter.

In order to continue to maintain the quality of the City of Cumming’s water supply at the highest level possible, backflow preventers are required on all water service lines where the water may come in contact with a contaminant. This requirement can be found in the City’s Cross-Connection Control Backflow Prevention Ordinance which was adopted on May 21, 1996. Article 4, Section 4.4 of the ordinance states that [t]he City of Cumming  Water System will not allow any service connection to remain unless it is protected by an approved backflow preventer for which a permit has been issued and which will be tested regularly to insure satisfactory operation.

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division is mandating that all City of Cumming service connections have an appropriate backflow preventer at each service line for “containment”. This requirement can be found in Section 391-3-5-.13 of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Rules for Safe Drinking Water.

Each backflow preventer must be tested and maintained annually by a licensed backflow tester (usually a plumber) at no cost to the City. Records of the maintenance event must be maintained and a copy sent to the City of Cumming Cumming Utilities. Please visit the City’s website at for a list of approved certified backflow preventer testing companies.

You must complete the enclosed Cross-Connection Control Questionnaire and submit the completed form to the City. City personnel will then schedule an inspection of your property to determine the proper device required for your establishment.

The City and State are requiring that each water service line be equipped  with a backflow preventer.  However, in many cases, internal backflow preventers, such as a Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) backflow device, is needed at several locations within a building or structure. These internal backflow devices help to protect a company’s employees from internal contamination at drinking water fountains and other sources of drinking water within the building.

Please fill out the enclosed questionnaire and send it to the address below. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated. Together, we can keep our water supply safe and clean! If you have any questions, please contact our office at (770) 781-2007.


City of Cumming
Department of Utilities
Water Pollution Control Division
4605 Environmental campus Drive
Cumming, Georgia 30040