Cumming Raw Water Intake Project

The City of Cumming contracted with W. L. Haley & Company, Inc. to construct a Redundant Raw Water Intake Facility on Lake Lanier. This project was completed on August 1, 2009 at a cost of approximately $16 Million. Please visit this site periodically for aerial photos and information regarding the progress of this most vital project.

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Construction progress on the City of Cumming’s new 105 MGD Raw Water Intake Facility (RWIF) as of January 28, 2008. The new intake structure was installed on the lake bottom at elevation 1020 msl. Notice the elevation of Young Deer Creek and how the water in the embayment is receding. Lake levels as of this picture were at elevation 1051.41 msl, almost 20 feet below full pool.

A picture of the Raw Water Intake Facility as of February 2009

RWIF as of May 2009. Notice that the lake is near full pool.