Grease Interceptors:

For sizing requirements, maintenance inspections, enforcement issues, reporting a maintenance event, or questions about regulations governing Grease Interceptor Maintenance please call the Water Pollution Control Division Industrial Pretreatment Branch at (770) 781-2018 or Linda Lea, Pretreatment Coordinator @

For plan review information and installation inspections, please contact Heath Martin at (770) 781-2020 or via email at

Georgia Fats, Oils and Grease FOG Web Site:

A Letter to Restaurant Owners

Note: Under-the-counter type grease traps are strictly prohibited.

Dear Restaurant Owner/Manager:

The City of Cumming requires that all food service establishments install and maintain a properly sized grease trap (interceptor) at each location. Each facility must submit proper manifests after each maintenance event. You must submit all past and future disposal documentation (manifests) to the address below:

Linda Lea, Pretreatment Coordinator

Cumming Utilities

Water Pollution Control Division

Industrial Pretreatment Branch

4605 Bethelview Road

Cumming, Georgia 30040

NOTE: Failure to comply with the requirements of the Cumming Sewer Use Ordinance will result in fines and possible loss of water and sewer service. This matter deserves your immediate attention.

In addition, please be aware that certain grease trap pumping companies are banned from the Cumming sewer service area. These companies are involved in illegal practices such as “pump and dump”, “blow and go”, “grease recycling”, “grease separation”, etc.. Grease pumping companies MUST completely clean out your ENTIRE trap. You must not allow anything to be discharged into your trap, even what may be called “pure water”. Enzyme and bacteria additives are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. You, the owner/manager, are responsible for watching the person who is cleaning your trap and are required to sign all manifests. You are responsible for obtaining a copy of the manifest after it has been signed by the ultimate disposal facility and forwarding a copy to the City of Cumming at the above address. If you have questions regarding a grease pumping company or wish to report illegal practices by a grease pumping company, you may contact this office at (770) 781-2020.

In the near future, City of Cumming personnel will be visiting your food service establishment for an inspection. You will avoid a fine if the following requirements are met:

  • Your grease interceptor has been properly maintained (completely cleaned out every 90 days or more frequently as required by the Superintendent).
  • You have proper documentation (manifests) available for review. These manifests are valid only if they contain a signature from the restaurant manager/owner, the grease trap pumper/hauler, and the ultimate disposal facility. The exact volume of waste removed from your grease interceptor and the exact volume received at the ultimate disposal facility must be clearly noted on the manifest. The date of pumping and ultimate disposal must also be noted.

If your pumping company is not charging a proper amount, your waste may be being discharged into a creek, a remote City sewer manhole, or back into the restaurant’s grease trap. One way to avoid these illegal activities is to make an appointment with your pumping company and demand that they come only during that time. Problems arise when the pumping company comes at your busiest hour and you are unable to closely supervise the cleaning process.

If you suspect that your grease pumping company is involved in any of the above-mentioned illegal activities, please call the Water Pollution Control Division Enforcement Hotline at (770) 781-2020.


Cumming Utilities

Grease Interceptor Maintenance Branch

How Big Does My Grease Interceptor Need To Be?

Grease Interceptors (Traps) Required:

The City of Cumming Sewer Use Ordinance requires that all food service establishments install and maintain a properly sized grease interceptor (trap). Each grease trap must be constructed to allow for 15 gallons per seat. For example, a food service establishment with 200 seats would be required to install at least a: (200 seats) x (15 gallons per seat) x (24 Hours of Operation /12) x (1.0 Loading Factor) = 6000 gallon grease trap. In addition, no single grease trap shall be smaller than 1000 gallons or larger than 3,000 gallons. If more than 3,000 gallons of capacity is  required, multiple grease traps may be utilized.

For more information, please contact this department at (770) 781-2018.